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Believing that a doctor’s responsibility to humanity extends beyond prescribing medications and performing surgery, Dr. E. Gaylon McCollough spends much of his nights and weekends with another one of his passions: creative writing.

Over the past thirty (30) years, Dr. McCollough has authored a library of original books ranging from fact to “faction” (fiction based on fact.) Mainstream advice to consumers on appearance, health, and vocational enhancement matters are tastefully blended with motivational, inspirational, theological, scientific, instructional, and political ideas.

Though—from book to book—the genre may differ, all of Dr. McCollough’s writings contain a central theme: how to make life on earth better … today and tomorrow, not only for the individual human being, but for all of humanity.

By becoming a member of The McCollough Book Club, readers will surely experience an enlightened view of the world and the species into whose hands its destiny has been placed.



Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant:
Grandmaster of Mind Over Matter

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Books by Dr. Mccollough

The Oath by Dr. Gaylon McColloughJustice in the Halls of Medicine

A Spiritually-Mentored Physician Experiences the Wrath and Rewards of Exceptionalism

latest book (a novel) provides readers with an inside look at the medical profession. The Gulf Shores plastic surgeon has created a cast of characters with whom anyone who has had personal experience as a patient or provider can identify. Medical professionals will appreciate how McCollough deals with the intrusion of politicians and corporate executives into the challenges of patient care. Patients will better understand why today's medical professionals practice defensive medicine and why access to healthcare is becoming more difficult for the average Amercan to obtain.

The book is the perfect combination of fact, fiction, fantasy, and intrigue. Residents of the Gulf Coast will recognize many of the characters and institutions featured in the book.

Justice in the Halls of Medicine demonstrates just how far self-serving cabals of doctors, administrators, politicians, investors, and Mafiaso Mobsters will go to protect their own self-interest at the expense of sick and hurting people.

The book's main character (Dr. Tinsley Harrison Wilson) is mentored by an all-star lineup of physicians from the present ... and the past. From the time of conception he was chosen by a council of spiritual mentors to initiate changes in the medical profession that prevent diseases as well as treat them. In breaking ranks with the mainstream medical industrial complex, Dr. Wilson proves a time-honored truism: exceptionalism comes with a price--a dear price.

One thing is certain, after reading Justice in the Halls of Medicine, you will never again view the medical profession in same manner.


The Oath by Dr. Gaylon McColloughThe Oath

A Secret Operation Exposes a Conspiracy to Deliver America into the Hands of Her Archenemy, The Illuminati

Rather than face charges of treason, Kennan Ahmad Padgett resigns his post as President and Commander-in-Chief of the United States of America. Within days, a dozen of the President's co-conspirators follow his lead. A nervous nation waits with other governments and powerbrokers around the globe for the twelfth person in the U.S. Presidential line of succession to take the oath of office. This is not only that person's story, Dr. Mason Edwards embodies a resolute spirit that resides within freedom-loving people everywhere. The crusade for human rights and self-determination that he and his Operation Annuit Coeptis colleagues champion is exactly what America's archenemy, The Order of the Illuminati, is sworn to wipe from the face of the earth. And, although mainstream media moguls know about the globalists' plans to topple America and her allies, the press shields the self-appointed gods of the New World Order from the lights of publicity.


Coach Paul Bear BryantThe Long Shadow of Coach Paul "Bear" Bryant

An up close and personal look at the patriarch of the Alabama Football Family, his gut-wrenching decision to relinquish power, the turbulent years he predicted for Alabama football, and his bridge-building plan designed to create The Crimson Tide’s next “larger than life” coach

He was many things to many people. To his immediate family, he was "Papa". To his friends, he was "Paul". To his football family, he was "Coach Bryant". To the masses, he was affectionately known as "Bear", a nickname that he never really cared for. Regardless of the moniker to which he answered, the man grew to be larger than life. More than a quarter of a century since he was laid to rest, Coach Paul "bear" Bryant's imposing shadow still lingers over The University of Alabama, its storied football program, and the sport that he changed - for the better - forever.


The Consequences of ChangeThe Lords of Seduction

They are known by many names: The Order of the Illuminati, Belderbergers, Hidden Hand, Shadow Government, and Invisible Empire. For the purposes of this book, the band of self-designated “despots” have been given a more fitting title: The Lords of Seduction. Following their idol—the Prince of Darkness—these seductive and ruthless overlords became masters at manipulating people and governments, coaxing them ever closer toward the boneheaps of history, including the United States.
          In gallant fashion, the author takes readers behind the scenes of an Illuminati-Islamic Alliance where a global coup d’état is being orchestrated. At the same time, peoples of the world are being distracted by a group of equally-as-seduced “puppets”—Islamic jihadists.
          Many readers will see—for the first time—the declarations of a little-known ancient cipher (The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion) which provide frightening details as to how a “supranational sovereignty of world bankers and intellectual elites” intend to “destroy God” collapse the United States of America and deliver a beguiled world into the hands of their lord, Lucifer.


The Annunaki Enigma: Armageddon 2012ARMAGEDDON 2012

The Annunaki Enigma: Armageddon 2012

Much has been written lately about a prophetic period in the future of our planet that is being referred to as "End Times". It is predicted to run collaterally with the formation of a one world government or what some may call a "One World Order", and climax with a great war in Israel over a mound known as 'har Megiddo' where the forces of good and evil clash in a battle that will end in the forces of evil being stopped and the leader, Satan, being thrown into an abyss for a thousand years. Current geopolitical events are seemingly moving in such a pattern. Are these Biblical prophecies actually about to take place? Have leaders in our past believed the Bible's predictions and actually prepared for such a global disaster. The Annunaki Enigma: Armageddon 2012 looks at current events and the attitudes of today's leaders and sees a parallel with the prognostications of the early writers of the Bible. If this comes true, how will our Creator respond? Will He join forces with those on Earth to defeat such an enemy? Has He already set up a scenario for the defense of His creations at some point earlier in our history?


The Appearance FactorThe Appearance Factor

A consumer’s guide on how enhancing your appearance could lift your spirits, improve your health, and tilt the scales of opportunity in your favor.

After more than 35 years of medical and plastic surgery practice, one of the “Best Doctors in America” and “America’s Top Plastic Surgeons”, combined themes that permeate his many publications into one book — the ultimate consumer information guide to becoming an even better you. The Appearance Factor recognizes the irrefutable connection between appearance-enhancing surgery, mind body medicine, and a lifetime of opportunities. From the writings and experiences of Dr. McCollough and his colleagues, readers will learn how enhancing one’s appearance (with and without surgery) could lift spirits, improve health, and tilt the scales of opportunity in ones favor. While this book was originally intended for McCollough Plastic Surgery Clinic patients, it can be a valuable resource for anyone contemplating a change in his or her appearance. From cover to cover, Dr. McCollough discusses the various options available to address matters of health and appearance, including pre and post-treatment instructions to help insure a smoother recovery and more predictable outcomes.


Let Us Make ManLet Us Make Man

An in-depth study of the book of genesis and how it compares to “creation stories” from various cultures throughout the recorded history of Mankind. Readers will come to see that theology and science are much more closely linked than previously believed.

The discovery of previously overlooked revelations in Genesis gave rise to this book, its title, and the McCollough Theory of Divinely Engineered Creative-Evolution. The composition and intent of the original colonizing team – the “us” and “our” cited in the ninth of ten creative commands – is a mystery that seems to have been ignored. Whether biblical scholars intentionally glossed over clues in the creation scriptures is a question that begs an answer. So, in keeping with the directive, “Ask and you shall receive,” mysteries surrounding the origin, evolution, and destiny of life throughout the universe are posed to one of God’s great Angels. During an encounter of the fourth kind, the Archangel Metatron offers the reader a fleeting glimpse of the Mind of God. And, for the first time, many realize that the image reflected in one’s own mirror is that of a lesser angel, experiencing the privileges, responsibilities, and challenges of being human – a requirement for earning its way through the ranks of a Celestial Hierarchy. Metatron’s Revelation – unlike that of St. John, The Divine – provides hope for people of all races, creeds, and nationalities. The one, revealed in Let Us Make Man, suggests that if Mankind – of its own free will – chooses Good over Evil, Heaven on Earth would become a reality. The unfinished miracle would be concluded. And the call for Armageddon would be irrelevant.


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