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Online Consultation

Thanks to advancing technology and the internet, it is now possible to obtain suggestions from professionals who
specialize in appearance and health matters.

N ow you can communicate with a McCollough representative via Skype. This allows us to answer your questions in a casual, face-to-face consultation. Please call 1-866-876-7600 to set up a skype consultation today.
Just click the button to the right to connect via Skype. You must have skype installed first:

An eConsultation allows a potential surgeon to review photographs of individuals who might be contemplating plastic
surgery and suggest procedures that could be considered. Based upon the photographic review, it is also possible to provide information regarding the anticipated costs of surgery and related expenses.

From the outset, both the potential patient and the professional must agree that the eConsultation is not a “binding” contract nor an “official” doctor-patient encounter. The encounter of record will take place when the two meet in the doctor’s office to discuss the final plans.

The first step in an eConsultation requires that the person seeking suggestions submit a series of photographs depicting the anatomical areas in question. All photographs of breasts and bodies should not have the face included and should be taken with a two-piece bathing suit or underwear. Nude photographs depicting bare breasts or genitalia must not be sent via the internet!

Both facial and body photographs should include a frontal view and one taken from both the left and right sides. Body photographs should include a view taken from the back of the person. Below are examples of the views needed for analysis.

The photographs, along with a note indicating the areas of concern should be emailed to and

After the doctor has had an opportunity to review the photographs, he or she will contact the individual and relay his or her suggestions, along with estimated costs for the procedures recommended. So, please provide an email address to which a response can be sent and a telephone number.

Upon receiving the doctor’s suggestions – and if the individual wishes to proceed – he or she should call Danielle Sollenberger at 1-866-876-7600 to discuss potential surgery dates and a time for an official consultation with the doctor (or doctors) who might be involved in caring for the patient. It should be noted that Dr. McCollough specializes in plastic surgery of the face, nose and eyelids, including procedures that improves facial scars and addresses wrinkles and blemishes. Breast and body procedures (liposuction, “tummy tucks”,etc) are performed by associates in the McCollough Plastic Surgery Clinic who specialize in those procedures. In like manner, eConsultation suggestions will be provided by
specialists who would be actually performing the procedures.

As a matter of convenience for patients who live away from Gulf Shores, Alabama, the official consultation can be
scheduled on the day prior to the anticipated surgery date. This policy avoids unnecessary travel and expense.

The following photographs are offered as guidelines for the views that should be emailed to and

Finally, please know that the information you provide to us will be held in the strictest confidence and that one of
our professional staff will contact you as soon as possible with suggestions and instructions.

Thank You,
Danielle Sollenberger
Surgery Coordinator
McCollough Plastic Surgery Clinic