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Gulf Shores, AL — January 8, 2009 —Dr. E. Gaylon McCollough, founder of The McCollough Institute & Plastic Surgery Clinic in Gulf Shores, introduces today, the opening of its THE SKIN CANCER PREVENTION AND TREATMENT CENTER. According to Cathi Gates, the Institute’s director of public information, the new center is a natural extension of the services, procedures and products long offered by the institution and its staff of professionals.

About the groundbreaking skin cancer initiative center, Dr. McCollough said, “Along the Gulf Coast, skin cancer leads the list in preventable and curable cancers and yet the typical long waits to see a dermatologists often prevents people from seeking professional consultation for suspicious skin defects. In response to this fact – and as a public service – I decided to establish a center within the McCollough Institute that offers free cancer screening consultations as well as professional advice on prevention and treatment alternatives by a team of qualified facial and plastic surgeons.”

The doctor stresses that with all cancers early detection and intervention is the best policy. Pre-cancerous areas within the skin may be treated with prescription therapy or minor in-clinic procedures. However, blemishes that appear more ominous may require a biopsy, in which (after local anesthesia is administered) a small “pinch” of tissue is removed and reviewed under a microscope by a pathologist to determine if cancer cells are present. Should a biopsy confirm that cancer is present, it can be removed with conventional surgical techniques or by the state-of-the-art method – MOHS SURGERY. Afterwards, the area can be reconstructed with a variety of plastic surgical techniques designed to minimize scarring and post-surgical deformities.

Most pre-cancerous lesions can be treated with one of the non-surgical techniques recommended and/or developed by Dr. McCollough, often in consultation with dermatology colleagues. The doctor stresses that his new center also provides counseling on skin cancer prevention and offers minimally invasive procedures designed to remove sun-damaged skin which harbors pre-malignant cells. “Unhealthy” cancer-prone skin can be treated with a physician’s level chemical peel or dermabrasion, which removes not only pre-cancerous cells, but wrinkles and blemishes as well. In other cases, topical medications, applied by the patient at home, can help destroy sun-damaged cells so they can be replaced with healthier ones.

Years of research shows that skin cancer prevention and treatment requires a team approach, including awareness on the part of the public and a commitment by medical professionals to care for the body’s covering before and after disease becomes apparent.

McCollough advises anyone who has concerns about areas on the face, extremities or body that are scaly, raised or that fail to heal within a week, to consult a physician or to call THE SKIN CANCER PREVENTION AND TREATMENT CENTER at the McCollough Institute & Plastic Surgery Clinic for a free, no obligation cancer screening examination. The Institute is located in the heart of Craft Farms in Gulf Shores, AL.

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